D.R.E.A.M : Dare Reach Embrace Achieve Motivate

Today’s topic is about D.R.E.A.M : Dare Reach Embrace Achieve Motivate.
All of you (refers to the readers) must have dream or at least had a dream.
When I was little, I want to be a doctor like my dad. That’s my dream and it still lives until now – I still desire to be a doctor. It was my greatest desire. Now, how ’bout you, guys? Are you still holding on? Or, did you postpone your dream? OR, do you have a dream, a wish about what do you want to do when you are an adult, or maybe now?



Several days ago, I watch Dedy Corbuzier’s show about breaking or making world records. There is one boy named Agas from Bandung. He lives in a modest life. He’s about 14 – 15 years old and he works! He makes a living as a street performer (I don’t know whether he still perform at the street or he already got a new job) because he must support his family. Mmm… Back to the topic. This guy, Agas, BREAKS THE WORLD RECORD by playing a 4.6 meter HULAHOOP for about 27 turns non stop! Wow! Before him, an American man breaks the world record by playing a 5 meter hulahoop for 3 turns. AGAS ROCKS! Today, he was on “Hitam Putih”@transtv!! You know, he got this SMILE, this happiness while he was turning his hulahoop around his waist, his arms, his neck, all around his body. He didn’t stop smiling and he led this huge contented grin. He is proud of himself.
Now, here’s another story. I got this on my Blackberry group and I think it’s worth reading :3
A meat seller saw a dog in front of his shop and chased it away. However, the dog kept coming back again and again. Seeing that the dog kept coming, he approached it. When he observed the dog carefully, he noticed a note in his mouth which said : “I want to buy 12 sausages. The money’s in the envelope.”
The butcher spotted $10, took it and put a bag of 12 sausages in he dog’s mouth. After the dog got the order it went back to its owner. The butcher was really impressed. It was by chance the closing time. Thus, the butcher followed the dog.
In a red light intersection, the dog stopped and waited for the green light. After the green light’s on, he crossed  the street right away. Later on, in a bus stop, the dog took a look at the information board and then sat and waited. Then, a bus came by. The dog rose and took a glance at the bus number and went back and sat. Another bus came by and after the dog was sure that it’s the right bus, he advanced to the bus.
The amazed butcher followed it and sat behind it. After several bus stops, the dog stood up with its front legs and poked the driver. The driver stopped and he got off the bus. The butcher became really amazed! The dog continued walking until he went to a house. He dropped his bag and bumped itself to the house’s gate.
The butcher was surprised to see a man came out of the house and kicked, hit and cursed the poor dog. He ran towards its owner to stop his mean action.
“What do you think you’re doing?!” said the butcher. “This dog is a GENIUS!!!”
The man replied, “You think this dog is smart?! He forgot to bring the house’s key twice this week!!!”
Okay friends, sometimes, this thing happens around us like when we did something, and we thought that it was bad and not satisfying. Others might thought that it was great, beautiful, a masterpiece and extraordinary.
In the story of the dog, butcher and the dog’s owner, there are two antagonist characters :
The dog’s owner. He did not appreciate the dog’s ability but focused on its mistakes.
On the other hand, he butcher thought that the dog was incredibly smart!
In the first story of Agas the record breaker, we can see that he was proud of himself. From the smiles he spread out, it’s clear that he LOVE what he did and he is PROUD of himself. It’s like meeting your true love – you can’t stop smiling. In Agas’ case, his true love is hulahoop which is also his DREAM.
Back again to the dream thing.
Achieving your dream is never easy. The road is bumpy and curvy, rough and tough, and long and far, never like anything we can imagine.
What’s your dream, friends?
You can be a doctor, a teacher, a businessman/woman, a housewife, a house husband maybe, a professor, a musician, a sportsman/woman, ANYTHING!!
Doubt it? Let’s see this :
D.R.E.A.M : Dare Reach Embrace Achieve Motivate
1. Well, in the first acronym of DREAM is Dare. DARE TO DREAM.
Walt Disney said that you can do anything that you’ve ever dream to do. You can BE anything you’ve ever DREAM TO BE. All you need is to dream big and push yourself to reach your goals.
2. Reach. What to reach now? You must have a goal or some goals.
A short term goal goes like this :
          “I must score at least 90 in Science.”, “I must win the reading competition.” “I must lose two kilos.” etc etc.
While long term goal goes like this :
          “I must discover a eco-friendly plastic bag.” “I will become more responsible, diligent and religious person.” “I want to be a good doctor, a good teacher, a better student (because you will never be too old to study) :D.”
3. Embrace.
This one’s gonna be tricky and maybe the trickiest.
Embrace means to hold on. Embrace your dream means to hold on your dreams – tightly.
However, people might change their dreams or situation forces them to have another dream by letting the other go. I have experienced this, moreover, it was just some times ago.
I remember that day, when I woke up for the biggest interview of my life so far. The atmosphere was tense and after dressing up, me and mom went to the hotel. On the way, my mom talked to someone on the phone and it was bad.
If I took the interview and passed, in Singapore I would not be a doctor – ever! Do you know what it feels like? It’s like you must choose between letting your biggest offer go or living with no spirit, with no dream. I was forced to choose, letting the scholarship fell to someone else and stuck in Indonesia or took a better education but live without a single hope of being a doctor. It’s like to swallow a sword or shot by a gun. ._. Things would be easier if I’m not accepted in the interview, but, what if I did accepted?
I could chose to let go of the scholarship and did not lose two years or lose two years but get better education and preparation. I chose… to take the better education to enhance my knowledge and most importantly, skill and then, STUDY HARD for NUS Meds. For me, it’s better to be a better student than the youngest student. Now, I am sure. Now, I am DETERMINED to embrace my dream and never let it go.


4. Achieve your dreams.
This one is the hardest for everything good never comes easy.
I’ll tell you one thing.

“The dreams are yours, but you need others to help you reach your dreams – It’s TEAMWORK.” -HB

Humans need others to survive. Human cannot live by himself because they need others to help and support his life.
A team is a family. All members of the team knows each others, respect each others and love each others. They care, they support, they become ears and guides to make you walk at the right path.

5. Motivate others.

If you have succeeded in achieving your dreams. Now, the works are not over yet.
You see, there are many people in the world hoping for a brighter day. Many people already lose their lights of hope and dreams while some others can only be like the little match girl – dreaming and dreaming until the end of their life.
In achieving your dreams, you need to DREAM BIG, SET YOUR GOALS and HOLD ON IT. All those things sum up to EFFORT!
This is what people should know,

DREAMS can only be reached by EFFORTS and PRAYERS.

 EFFORTS and PRAYERS are needed both simultaneously. We could not say that everything we have done is because our own efforts for the Father Almighty is the one who’s in charge and all things are chosen wisely by HIM. On the other hand, we cannot 100% rely on hours of prayers because nothing would change if we do not fight for our dreams.

ImageHowever, It Did BURNs Our Spirit
So, what are you going to do now?
Who are you going to be?
The respect-less dog owner or the respectful butcher or the little full-of-unachieved-dreams match girl?

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